Make up

Prior to any make-up, you should clean your face with water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda. Then apply ice cubes on the face. This can make up longer.

Concealer is used to hide dark circles around the eyes, and is also used to cover blemishes and scars. A beige concealer is ideal for dark skin and one with natural tones for fairer skins. This should be evenly with a dry sponge or your fingers. Now, the foundation.

Foundation is used to the color of the complexion. Three species can be used, depending on your skin. For dry skin, liquid foundation works best whereas semi-liquid is best for combination skins. Foundation can be applied with a sponge and blended into the hairline and along the jaw for a natural finish.


Eye shadow colors should be carefully selected, light shadow is applied to the lids for a basis. Dark eye shadow is then used in the outer corners of eyes, the eyes.

A kajal or Kohl stick can be used in the inner eyelid to the eyes appear even more dramatic.

Mascara on the eyelashes enhances this effect. Eyebrows should be sharp and clean and be free of all traces of make-up.

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Makeup Necessities

The hottest trend in make-up now: nude. And believe us when we say that there is anything but just look boring. The trick to the hissing? Choose a color palette that matches the natural color of your lips, and use it for everything from your cheeks to your tips.

If your skin color Fair
Start by priming your face with foundation, only if necessary (usually around the nose and the T-zone).


People with fair coloring may appear to have red eyes, because the contrast between pale skin and the inside edge of the lower eyelid is so extreme, notes Steve Marino for Eautrois, the make-up master behind the images on these pages. To camouflage line the rim with a flesh-toned down for pencil, like Prescriptives Deluxe Eye Pencil in Sienna.

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Natural complexion, pink cheeks, eyes, day and smoked rainbow at night. Spring 2009 will show this.Also we give you the best tricks thanks to the advice of professional make-up with which we have been between racks. It’s in your hands to have a bright face, so that before the spring 2009 arrives! The only touch of color on the faces clear focuses on the eyelids of the models. They are like oceans of creativity: a make-up between the South Seas and the spirit “Coco shell.
Dior Style
Makeup with feathers and strass, eyelids with colourful … The exaggeratedly colourful looks are the work of Pat McGrath, Galliano accomplice. The makeup was inspired by the designer’s collection. Accessories for the hair XXL, embroidery, sequins … have served as inspiration for this eccentric makeup eyelashes with feathers and sequins in bright above the eyebrows. Hairstyles and monkeys remind us of the seventies. A make-up as incredible as the haute couture collection this spring summer 2009.

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Who doesn’t want to become a highlight of the party and all you need to grab attention is have a perfect party make up that can set eyes on you.

Here are some use to seek attention from crowd. For a glamorous evening look in a jiffy, you can add a few lashes to the outer corners of your eyes. You use waterproof glue and the eye lash will not come off until you want them to. For your lips, you can try mixing a true red lipstick with a gold or silver gloss. You could also reduce the strength of the red by mixing it with one of your neutral lip colors. You can keep the eyes simple and the cheeks simple with just a flush of color. Blush is often the last cosmetic that is used when doing makeup. The ways of applying blush differs with different types of faces. It is important to choose the right application of blusher since it can make your face look longer or wider.

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