Every bride wants to look their very best on their wedding day; when else will you be the focus of attention of your closest friends, as well as the subject of a photographer chosen to capture you and your partner within a day that is both intimate and public? Every bride deserves to be the special lady of the day and look the best. The hairdo, the makeup, the bridal dress and how the bride conducts herself is the focus of everybody’s attention on her wedding day and you will feel much more comfortable, if you have already done the dress rehearsal first. The biggest beauty tip for any bride is drink loads and loads of water and keep her stress level minimum. No beauty tip or treatment will work if you don’t drink enough water or you are highly stressed. Remember to choose your wedding makeup/hair style way early and it should be such that it looks good in photos too.

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Day after day, wearing professional work clothes can be a tough thing. If you go too straight-laced, your personality won’t shine through, but if you improvise too much you’ll be seen as unprofessional.Even if you’re stuck in a suit Monday through Friday, you can add personality to your ensemble with chic accessories. Long, flowing necklaces are a good way to add personality, especially if you add several of them together for a bold statement.

If necklaces aren’t your thing, try funky earrings or a wild bracelet.
Another way to spice up an outfit is to accessorize with a unique handbag or some brightly-colored shoes. Try a bright silk headband, a metallic blouse under your jacket or a sparkly pin on your jacket.

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