Kagan is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. The valley is situated in the Mansehra in North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. Islamabad is connected via three routes (Balakot, Abbottabad and Mansehra), is Kagan offers excellent graphics. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and glaciers are still in the initial state does not ratify, untouched paradise.

Kaghan Valley, named after the city of Kagan Kunhar River along the valley. Valley at a distance of about 155 km from the high altitude 2133 meters (7000 feet) to the highest point in the corridor Babusar 4173 meters. Local and friendly, calm and said Hindko (the language spoken by the Hazara people in the mountains), Pashto, and / or Urdu. In the geographical area and climate in the Alps, forests and meadows dominate without the peak levels to more than 17000 meters. Kaghan is at its best years. Except mid-July to late September, the road is still snow, and then Naran time during the winter.

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Kaghan Valley blocked at the end of the high mountains, but the ball leaves the possibility of Jeep road snakes through the valley 4145 meters Chilas Babusar bass, which controls the whole Kaghan panorama mode on a clear day, the amount of Nanga Parbat 8125 meters of the brilliant.

Naran, Kaghan, 22 kilometers from the base camp in the valley as a whole. From here you can go to many lakes and picturesque valleys and peaks rent a jeep or on horseback.

Situated in the footsteps of 5190 meters Malika Parbat (Queen of Mountains) was Awesome, “Lake Saif Malook” to 12000 feet above sea level, is a place for exciting, in a valley, a touch of realism about the subject.

The picturesque nature and has no analogues in the world. You can swim in the lake and listen to local legend about Prince Saif Malook. Moving up the corridor Babusar, located to achieve the final assessment of the summit lake Babusar Lulusar exciting.